Solidproof. FREE AUDIT Tournament
1 min readAug 26, 2021


Solid Proof was founded as a community-driven company, and we want to thank our community for being so supportive! To show our appreciation is now launching a free audit report program.

The community will vote on which projects they would like us to audit for free!

Only Solid Proof’s Telegram & Twitter members and followers will be eligible to vote!

Therefore, all participants must necessarily subscribe to our social networks and retweet our Twitter post:


✔️To participate in the tournament, you need to submit an application via google forms.

The submission period starts on

Aug 26th — Sep 1st.

Then during the week there will be a vote on Twitter and telegram.

💎 To motivate participants to vote for their project, we additionally arrange a 5 x 100 USDT giveaway.

Random voting participants will receive their prizes after the tournament ends.