Incident: XiangDoge($XD)

Status: Closed
2 min readJul 26, 2021

About the project

Name: XiangDoge
Symbol: $XD
Contract: 0x72f2f460EbF31fed24404cC8dBE323CCE5b863b1


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On Sun 25 Jul 23:47 the pre-sale on UniCrypt ended with 346,1063 BNB. About an hour later, the contract was blocked for further transactions via one of the owner functions and subsequently a large number of tokens were sold.

The Founder’s Telegram account was then deleted. We tried to contact the founder through his private phone number and he replied that he did not run away with the money. His teammate did and sold the 15% team tokens.

In the first contact, the Founder claimed to be CEO&DEV and everyone else on the team were just paid workers. There was another Community Admin on the team, but he was not supposed to have access to the tokens.
However, this has now been claimed.

There were several conversations with the Founder and the alleged team member between Solidproof, UniCrypt and XiangDoge. However, this did not lead to anything constructive and all histories were deleted again and again by XiangDoge.
Screenshots has been made.

We contacted the Norwegian Criminal Investigation Department on July 26 with the exact process. However, it is vacation season and the office is only staffed from 08–15.

A group has been opened where investors can exchange information about the situation. In this group, various pictures of the alleged founder were posted and the place of residence was also mentioned. According to a few statements, this one is already known to the police. However, we cannot confirm or refute this.
Many of these investors have described their concerns to the Oslo police via Facebook:

It seems that the founder is also connected to Gatekeeper and Moonpanda, which was also rugpulled yesterday. This could be extracted from the Founder’s Facebook history.
This could be verified with a native Norwegian speaker

A data transfer to investors or UniCrypt has not taken place. This is a false claim. We do not disclose identity, due to GDPR guidelines.

The money has been transferred to several wallets in the meantime. All wallets were reported to BSC as scam. Since it is uncertain whether the money was taxed in Norway, we have also made a report to the tax authorities.
Other AML institutions have also been notified about the incident.

We hope that the Founder will be able to get over himself to pay back the money.

We’ve informations that the local police of the city took some actions, but we haven’t got official answers or responses to our incident report. But a local is in speak with us.