Incident: KenuInu ($KENU)

Status: Case Closed
2 min readJul 5, 2021

About the project

Name: Ken Inu
Symbol: $KENU
Contract: 0xfd914bbb4302d69b9a8c3c96023db6a02be62778


Ken Inu Logo
Ken Inu Logo


On July 4, KenuInu’s Twitter page was apparently compromised. After we started our investigation, we could see various scam warnings on the page.

These were deleted after some time. Also, the contract was blocked for transactions by setting the maxTxAmount to 0.

The blocking was lifted at 08:23:25 PM +UTC. All changes to the contract can be tracked here.

Contact with the CEO has been established and has been done directly. The situation was explained as follows:
The project is targeting the Chinese market, that’s why community members were hired on a volunteer basis to serve the Chinese community. Accordingly, the Twitter account was compromised by these members and provided with the scam warnings. In addition, these warnings were posted in the Chinese Telegram group.
A screenshot of the chat history was provided.

This was followed by sales, which the operators wanted to prevent by making changes to the smart contract. The official Telegram Group was also closed.

The Twitter account, after the scam warning was deleted, continued to be held hostage by the community employees. The account could only be taken over again by Twitter support on July 5.
Corresponding screenshots of the request and the response from support are available.

Update July 13: The founder of the project announced on July 13 that the project will not be developed further. The project pages will be shut down after 72 hours. This was posted publicly on Twitter. You can find the post here.


The alleged cause was described by the operator and is not necessarily the truth. However, there are no concrete indications of a scam either.

The project has recorded large losses. This incident was a series of events that led to a fundamental shaking of confidence in the project and, consequently, the future.

We have not found any solid evidence that the actual crash in the share price was initiated willfully and intentionally.

However, it must be noted that after the price drop, the possibility of the transaction was stopped by the project managers.

If there is further evidence over time, we will reopen the case.