Incident: DecentraWorld ($DEWO)

Status: Investigating
1 min readMay 24, 2022

About the project

Name: DecentraWorld
Symbol: $DEWO
Contract: 0xCDD6494aEB193C8d5541b5B9c5e72a3809A98fdc



On 05/24/2022 around 17:45 UTC, the entire liquidity of the project was withdrawn using unlocked tokens.

We immediately contacted the Founder, who said on his own that the KYC was made by a US American for $1,000. This person was able to prove his address in our KYC process by means of a bank statement and various invoices, and the documents presented were also not falsified.

Attempts were made to reach the middleman via SMS and email. He has 24 hours to comment on the incident, after which we will forward his data to the appropriate authorities and prepare the publication of his data.

This information will be provided to Binance, who will also initiate an investigation.

Another project has already been started and some funds have been used for it.

Update 26/05/2022

We have contacted the authorities and are now waiting for an answer. Binance is already involved and waiting for the request of the investigating authority.

We have activated a portal for investors for better coordination, which bundles the information for the investigating authorities and makes it available. In this way, we hope to achieve a quick and satisfactory result.

The information can be submitted here:

We are currently in the process of taking statements from the remaining team members and making them available as well.

As soon as we have more information, we will publish it here.