Incident: binancedroiyan ($BAD)

Status: Closed
2 min readDec 9, 2021

About the project

Name: binancedroiyan
Symbol: $BAD
Contract: 0x77aFACce5f31171d5164B18D4dc184657f338E8F


BinanceDroiyan Logo


On December 8, 2021, BinanceDroiyan launched the pre-sale on UniCrypt and also initialized the markets shortly after. The hard cap of 1,500 BNB was reached. 40% of the funds raised were sent to the creator’s wallet, which equals 588 BNB.
The reward pool (=fee destination wallet) also received approximately 4.86 million BAD tokens, as the pre-sale contract was not exempt from fees. The investors did not receive the expected amount of tokens.

Then the BAD tokens from the reward pool were exchanged into 343 BNB. And there are still 3.5 million more unlocked BAD tokens at this address. The BNB were not transferred, but the price dropped rapidly. Of course, this also led to panic selling.

Massive price drop

The existing BNB from the presale were transferred to different wallets right after the launch, which in turn were divided among other wallets. This can be researched here.

Sankey Money Flow of the creator wallet (BNB)

We are in contact with the founder of the project and will reveal more information shortly.